Hi I am currently working on H1B visa in USA. My Visa is due for extension on 15th June 2019. Currently My (Amendment + Extension) is pending with USCIS for Client X , which is filled to USCIS On 1st Feb 2019 (Got receipt Number for the same) Due to work location change ,i need to file new H1B Amendment request For new Client Y & new location. Below are the questions for above scenario : 1. Will USCIS consider both the application together while issuing result? Or independently? 2. As premium mode is on since 12th march 2019. In this situation Is it ok to file new amendment in premium mode ? For this application along with amendment , Will USCIS issue result for existing extension as well? 3. Or Do we need to convert existing extension application to premium mode first? 4. What is the best approach in this situation? Kindly advise. Note : My Employer is same thoughout this scenario.Both the above mentioned applications are from same employer. Regards, Prasad

User's Location: Davenport, Iowa, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)