Hello Indu, I'm on H1 visa. My client and work location got changed in September 2018. That time we can't file amendment cum extension so my employer has filed an amendment in a regular processing. We've got a receipt and result is pending. My current H1 is about to expire in July 2019. I want to avoid two separate premium processing (one for upgrading old amendment and another for H1 extension). Can we file new amendment cum extension with premium processing at California center? If not then can we file H1 extension based on receipt of amendment at Nebraska center? Do we have to wait till get result of amendment? My Indian passport will get expired next year Feb. 2020. If my H1 extension get approved then how long my I-94 will be valid? Thanks, Sandeep

User's Location: Lake Mary, Florida, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)