Hi, My I-94 with employer A is valid till 1/1/2022 and stamped visa is valid till 6/15/2019. I am joining employer B on receipt notice from 3/11/2019 and I have reassigned A with last date as 3/9/2019. Now I have an offer from C which is a full time and interested to join but they will take more than a month to file my transfer. My questions are 1) employer A usually takes a month or two to revoke my petition but still would C be a bridge petition?2) can C file only as counselor petition and so I can join C only after approval? 3) if petition with B is denied after I join C. Is my stay in B would acquire illegal presence? 4) Any option for me to join C without waiting for B or C transfer approval as premium is not available?

User's Location: Wheeling, Illinois, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)