We have two options : 1)Our I-140 of US greencard is approved and we have also applied for H1-B extension ,waiting since 5 months . Premium processing is not an option for us. 2)We had also applied for Canadian PR and it has been approved . We are supposed to do landing in Canada and the date for the same expires in 16 days from today i.e 03/16/2019 . We were planning to do landing , stay for a week and come back to US to finish project . So if we go for landing to Canada , we can’t come back as H-1 is not approved yet . Also Canada landing date can not be extended. What can be done in this situation in order to not miss Canadian PR as well as be able to stay in US?

User's Location: San Jose, California, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)