I have stamped H1B till Feb 2020. My online I-94 and I-797 is valid till June 2020. My passport expires on 26 Feb 2019. I went to India for stamping and came back through Abu Dhabi. When officer gave admitted stamp at port of entry and while putting valid until date on passport he looked at passport expiry date and put date as 26 Feb 2019, Which is my passport end date. I have renewed my passport 2 months back. Now my online I94 says Admit until date as June 2020 and my Passport says until 26 Feb 2019. If I stay beyond 26th Feb 2019 am I violating my I-94 ? Which entry super-cedes which one ? What are my options ? Can I go to CBP office or somewhere and get the stamp renew/corrected ? or not worry about it since my online I-94 is valid. Will it cause me problem in future for GC or H1B extension ?

User's Location: Sunnyvale, California, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)