Hello , My name is Vinita , living in Phoenix,AZ along with my husband and working with valid H1B visa. My current H1B visa is valid till April 11th 2019 and my current I94 is valid till April 21st 2019. My current project from my employer is coming to an end in march mid week or so and since I have a location constraint, I m not able to relocate anywhere except Phoenix,AZ although my employer has many projects across USA. Hence my employer has started looking all possible opportunity within my local city , Phoenix,AZ. Just to keep my backup option open for me , in case no new project found for me from my employer , I have to convert my H1B visa to H4 visa against my husband's H1B visa . Here is my husband H1B visa details :- 1. His current H1B visa is valid till March 10th 2019 . 2. His employer has already filed an extension in last year Dec 2018 in regular processing and he has also got his extension request receipt number from USCIS . My question to you is :- 1. While my husband's extension is in progress , Can I convert my current H1B visa to H4 dependent visa ? 2. If above answers yes , when (in terms of date timelines) should I file my change of status from H1B

User's Location: SCOTTSDALE, Arizona, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)