Am maxing out on L1B on 23-April 2019 as i completed 5 years in United states and my current status is L1B. I already had an unused H1B (Validity : Oct 2013 - June 2016), so i have applied L1B to H1B Not subject to Cap Change of Status in normal processing on 2/15/2019 in California Service Center. I was in assumption that USCIS would open premium for all petitions on Feb 19th 2019, but they have opened only for petitions filed on or before 21st Dec 2019. So since the current processing time in CA center is 12 months, i am not positive my petition would get adjudicated in normal processing within 23rd April as i need to move back to India after that. My question is if i move to India, what happens to the change of status petition, does it still get adjudicated? Would USCIS open premium for remaining petitions in another 3 weeks?

User's Location: Fremont, California, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)