Currently On F-1. STEM OPT ended on 1/10/19. started second masters CPT on 1/15/19. Working for a consulting Comp A in EVC model at a client place. 1. A is advising to apply H-1 under Consular Processing instead of COS. Do you advise the same? 2. If H-1 gets approved under Consular Processing and A applies COS later, and if COS gets denied, would H-1 approval also get denied or would I be able to get it stamped outside US? 3. If H-1 gets approved under Consular Processing, and If stamping doesn't go through in India, would comp B (or A as well) be able to apply new H-1 as cap exempt Note: Another company filed my H1-B last year got picked in lottery and denied after RFE.

User's Location: Greenwich, Connecticut, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)