Hi, right now i'm in India and never been to US so far. I have approved I797 from employer A in 2016 which is valid till march, 2018. When I went for H1B stamping in nov 2017 (India) received 221G white admin processing which is still pending as of today. VO didn't ask for any documents neither to me nor my employer. My employer A did not withdrawn the petition as it already expired. My Questions : 1. Employer B is ready to file h1B, does they need to apply for new h1b petition or will my case comes under cap exempt? 2. If yes for cap exempt, till which year it would be under cap exempt and could you suggest on how to proceed. 3. If yes for new H1b petition, how would existing 221g impacts the new petition?

User's Location: Hyderabad, India

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)