This question is for H4 Visa Holder while Spouse on H1B is laid off and H4 wants to travel back to USA while H1B is on 60days grace period- Spouse on H1B visa laid off Jan 2, 2019 , I-94 is valid until 12/31/2019, I have traveled India recently on Jan 10, 2019. Can I travel back to USA while he’s looking for jobs, and he is on his 60 days grace period? Also I see his case status updated on USCIS website getting updated on Feb 1, 2019 , I think his company has requested withdrawal of his H1B and status update shows as your Correspondence was received and USCIS is reviewing it? Can I still travel back to USA by Feb 12th 2019? FYI- I have a valid H4 Visa stamped on my passport from his previous employer until 12/31/2019 .

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Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)