Got laid off by my current employer, but I'm on payroll until Jan 31. Got an offer from a companyA in January and they filed my LCA on Jan 24th. I understand that I'm within the 60 day grace period after Jan 31. However I'm not so keen on joining companyA. If I get another offer from companyB and they file for the H1b transfer on Feb 15, 2019, is it safe to go ahead with companyB? Since I don't have any payslips after Jan 31 is it a possibility that H1B transfer(through companyB) will get RFE/denial because of not having payslip? If companyA is big company with 10K+ employees and companyB is a start up with 80 employees which would be safer in terms of H1B transfer? Does USCIS look at the size of the company for H1B transfer?

User's Location: Foster City, California, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)