Hi - I am currently in H1B and my LCA is filed for employment at New Jersey for an In House project with Employer. I am currently residing in Texas and I am travelling to Office in New Jersey on and off for my work and do most of my work remotely. Employer has run most of my pay stubs for my residence address in Texas. I will be planning to file for H1B extension in August, 2019 and apply for H1B Visa stamping. Pl. advise if there would be any issues during H1B petition approval & H1B visa stamping, since my pay checks have my residence address in Texas and all taxes have been paid with Texas as my primary address. Also, Pl. advise if it is needed to have my pay checks have my office address in New Jersey as LCA for H1B employment has been filed for address in New Jersey. When filing for H1B extension, is it needed to have same experience letter that I have submitted for my earlier H1B approval. I have done multiple concurrent employments in India and want to check if i can submit my other/different experience letter for one of my past employment as it has all proper experience/relieving documents compared to the experience letter that i have submitted for previous H1B approval.

User's Location: Houston, Texas, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)