Company A, filed H1 and got approval from Dec 2016 to Dec-2019 along with I-94. Left company A on Aug-2017. Company B filed petition on Aug 2017, then started working with Company B on Sep 5th 2017 on Receipt Number. Company B visa transfer got RFE in Jan-2017, response provided Feb-2017. Got denial on April 5th 2018. Then though Company C filed a petition on April 2018, then started working with Company C on April 23rd 2018 based on Receipt Number. Company C visa transfer got RFE and provided response. And got 2nd RFE and provided response with proper details on Oct 2018 and got denial on Nov 5th 2018. In that denial response they provided - Company A revoked petition on April 5 2018. Ask: 1) Company A – I-94 will be valid? Or does the petition revoke will have impact on it? 2) Is it legal to stay in USA or do I need to leave the country? And spouse is on H1, so can I change status to H4 by staying in US? 3) Can I re-apply for New petition from Company D? As premium is not available, transfer will take much time to get result, can I start working from Company D with Receipt Number? 4) Steps to be taken care for Company D petition ! Could you please help for right guidance.

User's Location: Dublin, Ohio, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)