• Old I-797 validity – 06/08/2018 New I-797 validity – 06/08/2021. • Visa Stamping done in India (August 2018) which is valid till 06/08/2021. • I am currently in Dallas working for a client and now I have to move to Austin due to client requirement. • There is no change in client and SOW validity. Due to location change, I have to file an amendment. • I will be filing an amendment with USCIS by first week of Jan 2019. • I may have to travel to India during my amendment filing, possibly during Feb - March 2019 for 3 weeks Question - • Can I travel to India in Feb/March 2019 for 3 weeks during my amendment filing for location change, as my Visa/I-797/stamping is valid till 06/08/2021. • Will there be any issue while coming back to USA in POE. • Will there be any issue in decision for amendment (location change) while I am on travel for 3 weeks in Feb/March -19 • I believe, I don’t need to go to any Visa stamping during my India travel. • Now I have to file a regular processing of amendment, can I change to premium once it is started by USCIS after Feb 2019. • What is the current processing time for location change amendment on regular processing. Thanks

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Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)