Exploring an option to move to canada temporarily in order to save my Canadian PR.PD date is March 2012 and have an approved I140. Currently my H1B extension based on approved I140 is in process and hopefully it shall come soon and will be good till Feb 2022. Plan is to move to canada after H1B approval and H1B visa stamping from India. 1. If PD becomes current during my stay in Canada then what are my options. 2. If PD does not become current and tried to enter US after staying for more than year outside US. Two situation could occur H1B extension (I797) is still valid (before Feb 2022) Will I be challenged at port of entry whether i am going to perform the same duties as mentioned in I129. To convince them on job responsibilities will the letter from employer be sufficient Or need something else? Or it will not be an issue entrying on valid H1B visa 3. H1B extension (I797) is expired (after Feb 2022) OR because of some reason I have to file new H1B extension to enter Can i use my approved I140 to file new H1B extension(or claim the H1B period) and that will be cap exempt ? OR i have to file new H1B petition and re-enter the lottery.

User's Location: south lyon, Michigan, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)