Hello The question is regarding my wife. She is a Dentist in US by profession. She is currently on H1 – this H1 was filed by her current employer and was selected in lottery this year. On October 1st she changed her status from H4 EAD to H1. I am on H1 with approved I-140. I renewed my H1 recently and it now expires in 2021. My wife wants to switch jobs and in her field, she is getting part time jobs and most of the clinics are not ready to do H1. Hence she was thinking to move back to H4 and file for H4 EAD. 1. She has already given a notice to leave her current job which will end by Dec. If she changes her status now, how long will it be to move to H4 and how long it will be to have H4 EAD? 2. With uncertainty around H4 EAD, is it advisable to even go for it? 3. What other option does she have?

User's Location: Acton, Massachusetts, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)