Hi Below are the doubts, I have. Please clarify. I am on H1b from Jun 1st 2017, and current petition is valid till 29 Dec 2018. Background B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering 1. Is transfer petition & my current employer extension & amendment can be filed at the same time. Will be there be any chance of rejection of both or transfer petition 2. If I join new employer and when its gets denied, is it possible to file cap exempt petition by any employer or same employer, I heard If h1b not used for 6 years. 3. My current employer filing under wage level 2 and role change from Business Analyst to Application Consultant for new client and new location & with less salary 63000, will be there be any chance of wage level rfe and denial. 4. New employer is filing with very good salary & client letter , sow etc includes all the documents but worrying about recent transfer denails. It is asking me to join on receipt. What is the safe option between 3 & 4. 5. How many petitions can we run parallel. I heard 5 petitions. Is it true 6. Role change effect on transfer and even with current employer. 7. Which one is safe now a days, staying with current employer with amendment or transfer.

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