Hi, I had to leave company A and joined company B in May 2018. Company B has filed H1 transfer in normal processing(without H4 extension) in mid of May. And got RFE in mid of Aug'18. RFE has been answered last week(2nd Nov 18). Not sure how long it would take to know the final status of my CASE(Vermont center). >>>But my Visa and I94 are valid till 31st Dec 2018 only. Can you please clarify my questions. Please give detailed answers. 1) If I don't get response from USICS before 31st Dec 2018, then A) Can I(& my family) continue to stay in US till I get response from USCIS? B) If stayed beyond 31st Dec'18 and my CASE got rejected later, my excess stay would be considered as 'illegal stay'? 2) If my CASE is approved, and if new I94 is not mentioned on I797, should I go to India and get Visa stamped immediately? 3) Can I apply for my family's H4 extension while my H1 transfer is pending with USCIS? If I do so, if we don't get response by 31st Dec, can my family stay in US till we get response(I94 validity is till end of this year only). Note: My Family's and mine Visa, I94 are going to expire by 31st Dec 2018.

User's Location: jersey city, New Jersey, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)