Hello, I'm currently on H1B visa in my 4th Year located in Dallas,TX. I work full-time, Date of First entry Feb 2015, max out date is Feb 2021.My Green card process is not yet started. My Company is asking me to move to Canada for a position in coming months, around Feb-march 2019. Canadian position is a long term position. Question: After spending 5-6 years in Canada, in case needed will i be eligible to transfer my H1B to another company in USA and utilize my remaining 2 years out of 6 years total. Will I still be Cap exempted for a H1b transfer after another 5-6 years say year 2025. and can utilize my H1b incase needed later/ and eligible to start a green card process depending on the employer? Or my H1b will expire after 2021 I will be thankful for your insight on this.

User's Location: Dallas, Texas, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)