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I am currently on H4 visa in USA. I have got 2 job offers (Employer A and Employer B) and filed 2 H1B petitions for CAP 2018 with different employers, different locations and different clients. Both got picked up in lottery and both got RFEs on Oct 03rd and 04th respectively. I have below questions. Questions: • Can I continue with both petitions and respond on RFE’s? • Is it advisable to with draw one petition now and focus only on one H1 petition and RFE response? • Are there any issues on filing for 2 different positions and keeping both options till we get update and approval notice on either of one? • If we need to with draw one – which one to with draw – what are key things to check and consider. Should we go based on RFE questions? • Do you think USCIS checking on multiple filing and may request more details down the line? I have received RFE’s on both with gap of one day, does it mean they have checked on both petitions together and issued RFE’s? Any suggestions and thoughts here? Final Recommendation: What is the final recommendation for me on my case having 2 petitions for H1B CAP 2018 and RFE’s on both and how to proceed?

User's Location: Houston, Texas, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)