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Company A, i have left it (let go) in May 08, Company A revoked petition after 30 days of separation. From Company A, i have i-94 till Dec 2019, also approved i-140. How revoked petition impact on my i-94 and i-140? Can Company A apply(fresh) petition being me in USA and can i join with receipt? Company B filed petition on Jun 26th, then started working with B on July 6th based upon receipt. Company B visa transfer got RFE and responded on 3rd Oct, got denial on Oct 19th. Can Company B re-apply(fresh) petition for me being in USA and can i join with receipt? How long can i stay in USA as of now? Can i stay in USA and re-apply transfer from Company C? As premium is not available, transfer will take considerable time to get result and can i start working for Company C on transfer receipt? If i have to go back to India, can A,B or C apply new petition without lottery? any constraint for re-applying from India? My wife is working in H4-EAD i.e. valid till Dec 2019, can she continue to work, till we are in USA? What are my options here, i have a house to sell !!

User's Location: Raleigh, North Carolina, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)