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Currently I am on H 1B visa. I have Civil engineering background and working as a software consultant. As we are seeing many H 1B denials due to non computers/IT background, wanted to do MS in IT field US. Will this help in future H1B extension petitions? Can I do M.S. full time while on H 1B visa? I heard it will be an issue as SEVIS account will be created and which may cause some issues. I have already registered with an University and application has been accepted and classes will start Jan 2019. My Current H 1B visa will expire Oct 2019, and in case if I run into issues with my H 1B visa, will I be able change the status to F1 and work on CPT after Oct 2019 and continue MS? Will there be any challenges? And what will be the approval rate of F1 Visa in such cases? Do I need to go out of country and get my Visa stamped if I move to F1? Once I am done with MS and while on OPT, can I re instate my H 1B visa by appending my education with the MS or do I need to go for the yearly H 1B cap? Any other information in this regard will be of much helpful. Thank you.

User's Location: Mount Laurel, New Jersey, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)