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Situation: I filed for h1b visa this year and it was picked in lottery, I was on f1 stem opt which expired on Jun 22 2018 but was working on cap gap visa till September 30 2018. My petition for h1b was denied on Oct 6th 2018. Hence I am on f1 60 days grace period which is valid till Nov 30 2018. My wife was on f1 opt, she applied for h1b as well and her h1b petition is approved and starting from Oct 1st 2018 till Sept 16 2021. I would like to change my status to h4 visa and become dependent on her visa. My questions are as follows. With my situation can we do it? If yes, what is process for it? Which forms do we have to fill? My grace period expires on Nov 30 2018, can I stay here in US after applying for H4 visa? Or Do I have to leave, then apply for it then get stamped and come to US on H4 visa? What are the chances of approval for H4?

User's Location: BLACKSBURG, Virginia, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)