Hi- I have an approved H1B with Employer A Until 2021. In July,2018 I moved to Employer B and started working on receipt and the Petition got denied due to Specialty Occupation. Immediately Employer B Filled another Petition. New Petition has been filled by Employer B with in 60 days. now i have below questions. 1. can i Join Employer A Now(I didn't work for Employer A Since July)? 2. if yes do i need to file an amendment? my new client with Employer A will be in the same county(with in 50 miles) where Employer A Petition was approved until 2021. 3. if we change the client with Employer A in the same county(with in 50 miles) do we need to file an amendment? 4. if i Moved to Employer A with New client in different state. can my employer A Apply Amendment?

User's Location: Lexington, Florida, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)