I am FTE of mid sized product company (not EVC model). My H1 extension is approved till Oct 2020 & existing office loc. is being closed in 4 weeks. I will start work from home(20 miles from closing office & outside its MSA) after loc. closes & my company is about to file H1 Amendment with my home address as place of employment. If Amendment gets denied after loc. is closed (in 10 weeks lets say -Nov 2018) for any reason: 1) Will my original H1 remain valid? Since place of employment on LCA is no longer a office loc., so is my LCA & related H1 valid?Can I continue working in any way (via refile/new petition)? 2) Will I be out of status upon denial & have to leave country immediately? 3) Under ruling in Jan 2017, where we get 60 days if petition is denied, do I get 60 day grace period either to start a new petition/H1 transfer? 4) Can I relocate within MSA of office loc. (after office closes & amendment denial) & start working from there (probably with LCA Amendment of original h1) since move within MSA does not require H1 Amendment? 5) We have another office loc. (same state - 150 miles away). Is there any way I can move there right after denial (via another petition) & work there?

User's Location: San Francisco, California, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)