Hi, Please find below my scenario: Till Feb 02, 2018, I worked for Company A on my Second Extension which was approved until Dec 08, 2019. Post approval I went into India had stamping. So, my current passport having valid visa with Port of Entry document (I-94) until Dec 08, 2019. From Feb 05, 2018 onwards, I am working for Company B. they filed my H1B transfer in normal mode. And received RFE & REF response also submitted and waiting for decision from USCIS. Here I have some questions like 1. Whether my current I-94 document is valid in case of my H1B transfer of Company B is denied (consider Company A revoked my H1B)? How can I proceed for further? 2. If company A is not revoked my H1b and but H1b transfer is denied, then how to proceed further 3. How to check status of Company A H1B status… I mean whether it’s revoked or not? 4. Please provide some policy on staying in US for filing immediate visa if the current one denied? Note: Already I moved from Company A to Company B

User's Location: Dover, New Hampshire, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)