Hi Noah, thanks for your time! I was an international student in the US and worked with a US firm on my OPT visa for one year after I graduated. In May 2018, I left the firm and came back to my home country for another job. But my former employee already filed 2018's H1B petition for me before I left. Recently I received a mail from them which contains I797 and related documents. Then I get to know that my H1B has been approved for this year. I don't plan to come back to the US in the short term but may want to do so after 1-3 years. I'd really appreciate it if you can let me whether I'll be able to use my H1B visa to work in the US in the future given I am not and will not be employed by a US employee in the short term? If yes, how long will it stay valid? I979 states it's valid from 2018/10/01 to 2021/07/31. What are the necessary steps that I need to take to make this possible? My OPT STEM extension has not expired yet. Do I need to do anything with that? Thanks a lot! -Will

User's Location: New York, Illinois, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)