Hi, I have question regarding H1B travel and Visa while I am travelling. I will be travelling to India on July 21. returning back on sept 2. Currently working with company x. Got an offer from Y. Another thing is my visa stamping with current company x is expired so If I am going to India I will have to get the stamping done as well through drop box for X. Given all this, which is suggested to do: 1. Go to India get stamping with current company X. Ask the new company to Initiate the H1b transfer while I am in India. Come back to US using new visa with current x company and then relieve from x and join y. Update the visa to Y company during my next travel. 2. Go to India get stamping with current company X. Return back to US on that visa. Then Ask company Y to initiate H1B transfer. Once transfer is approved. Join Company Y. Update Visa to Y company during next travel. 3. Go to India. Ask the new company Y to initiate transfer. Wait for the transfer to complete. Once completed. Get the stamping done with the new company. Return to US on the visa with new company and join them. Wanted to clarify which one of the above solution is best and will work for my case?

User's Location: Sunnyvale, California, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)