I am in US on H1B visa since 2006. Since 2010 I am working for the same company as a full-time employee. Since then I have come to India at least 5 times and went through stamping few times too. I came to India in Feb 2018 and went to Mumbai for my visa interview. My visa got approved till July 2018 without any issues.I came to US and got my H1B extension till July 2021. In June, I had to come to India again for a family emergency. This time I was eligible for drop box. I submitted my application on June 11th. On June 15th, I got my passport back with 221(g) asking me to come to finger print verification. I went for finger print verification on June 18th.They said that they have everything they need and I should be getting the passport in next 4 to 5 business days. Since June 18th, my application is in “Administrative Processing”. I tried to contact them but I get a standard saying that the application is under process and may take few weeks. I has been more than 3 weeks. Is there any way to contact US embassy and get an update on my application or any way to expedite it? Why did my application go to Administrative Processing? I am a fulltime with the same employer for past 8 years

User's Location: Zionsville, Indiana, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)