Hello, I am currently on F-1 visa (expiration date July 7th 2020) with an OPT STEM extension until February 2020. I am working as a full time employee for a company in Lexington, KY. My company has filed for my H1-B work visa last month for FY2019 year. My petition has been picked in lottery and I have received a receipt case number from USCIS and I am waiting for approval from USICS. I might have to travel to India for 3 weeks while my application is still in process. Can you please help me answer the following questions: 1) Will my travel outside USA cause any problems to the H1B petition or at the port of entry? If so, what kind of issues I might face and how they can be resolved? 2) Is there any preferred time period for travel during the process? Would it be best to travel when i) Application acknowledgement receipt received (picked in lottery) and case is Pending approval/denial OR ii) Application is approved but documents (I797/I94) not received from USCIS OR iii)Application is approved and documents received from USCIS 3) Please advise on any other possibilities I have missed and options that will be make my travel possible. Thank You for your time.

User's Location: Lexington, Kentucky, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)