I am the principal applicant of H1-B with approved I-140(currently in my 8th year of H1B) my husband is on H4 and has a valid EAD till 09/30/2019. Since H4EAD is likely going to cancel, I am planning to switch jobs before the commenting period ends for the cancellation of H4EAD. If I do the H1B Transfer and if my new H1B gets approved for 3 years, will USCIS renew H4EAD for 3 years?(assuming that they have cancelled h4EAD, but my petition reached USCIS before they cancelled the law.) Do I need to do it in premium processing? Can my husband continue to work during the time frame of my H1B transfer? Also, what is the best way in current sinerio where my husband gets the full 3 years on H4EAD?

User's Location: Fremont, California, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)