I am currently on Day 40 of 60 day grace period post termination on H1B. A small startup company (approx 35 employees, well funded) is sponsoring H1B (doing LCA paperwork) this week, will be filed in PP. Questions: H1B approval might not come before 60 day grace period end (even with PP). Wondering what options/actions I can take as 60 day grace period approaches? Can I apply for B1/B2 while waiting for approval? Exit the country? Just stay put? Based on experience, are H1 “transfers” proving challenging lately? I am applying in an Ecommerce field/NOC code. I have approved I-140 (PD Mar 2011) , US masters degree, 11 years on H1. A bit antsy with the grace period end approaching. Would appreciate some guidance on how to go about planning etc. Thanks for reviewing my question!

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