I am on H1B visa with company A till 09/2020, and have an approved I-140 (EB2) from Previous employer with a priority date of 02/11/2013, I am on 8th year of my H1B, and on Apr 5 company A let me go without any notice. I received the last pay check till 04/30. I went to an on-site interview with company B, on 04/30, and I am still waiting for the offer. I did not told the company B that I am out of job. I want to know if there will be any problem in H1B transfer based on my situation and how many days I have to find the new job, I presume, based on the current guidelines I have 60 days to find new employer Can I start working based with H1B receipt, also can this H1B transfer be done by premium processing If I receive my H1B transfer receipt by 5th June, and the H1B transfer

User's Location: Elkton, Maryland, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)