Some Information: My current H1B visa has expired on 9/30/2017. But I have got my I797 extension (valid till 9/30/2020) approved before my visa expired. I have not travelled outside USA since then, so I don’t have new H1B stamping in my passport. My expired visa is in my old passport which got expired recently and I have a new passport since then. New I797 is based on new passport. My wife has travelled last month to India for vacation. She applied for her H4 visa stamp (eligible for drop box). She sent all required docs including Copy of my i797, Copy of my visa. But she got 221g blue slip to ‘appear in person for interview’ and mentioned to “get copy of husband’s visa”. So the question is, 1.She got 221g because my visa is in expired state? 2.If they question her about the same, what should be correct answer? (e.g. he has not travelled since his last visa expired) Apart from copy of my visa, I am sending Paystubs of last 3 months Bank acc stmt for last 3 months W2 and tax returns docs for last 3 years Employment verification letter. Old and New Passport's copy of front and last page alongwith any observation pages Is there anything I should be worried about?

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