Hello Madam, In December 2017 I had my H1 X denied and traveled back to India. I do have a I140 approved with my employer. My employers immigration team confirmed that I am eligible for out of Cap Extension based on I140 approval. But my employer has not yet started working on the re-application progress. My concern is how long can I wait to file an Out of Cap extn? Does it have to be applied within a certain period of time after previous application denial or it can be applied anytime in the future. Just want to make sure in case my employer takes some more time in applying If I would still be eligible for Out of Cap Extension. If there is a certain period of time after which I wont be eligible for out of Cap Extension, I would like to know what that is so that I can look at other options if my employer continues to delay the process. Appreciate if you can advice me with some options. Thanks, Anirudh.

User's Location: Chennai, India

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)