I was on STEM OPT and had received my h1b approval notice in December 6, 2017. I will be going to India for stamping. I do not have consular processing, mine is change of status from F1 STEM OPT to H1B visa, is why it is not necessary I go for stamping, but whenever I leave the country(for vacation), I need to come back to US only with H1B visa stamping. My question is, is it mandatory to have SEVIS update as change of state from F1 to H1B. Because when I contacted my university DSO, they said they do not see anything on the SEVIS record, meaning they do not see any update on the SEVIS. But I do have the H1B approval notice received. Am I safe to go to India for stamping? Please let me know if its mandatory to see the update on the SEVIS record? Any help or suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks

User's Location: PORTSMOUTH, New Hampshire, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)