I am working on h1 b visa ,7th year,I-140 approved .My employer received RFE on H1 B extension and my I94 is expiring on 31st December 2017. (1)What options I have if my H1 B extension petition is denied ? (2) Can I apply for H1 B transfer with other employer or Convert to h4 ( my husband is on H1 as well) after denial without leaving country? (3)OR should I apply(H1b transfer/H4) before getting response from USCIS to be on safer side ? (4) Do I have to leave country, even if I apply for H1 B transfer/H4 (with decision pending) before getting denial on current H1b extension ? (5)If I apply for H4 ,will I be eligible to convert status back to H1B in future under CAP EXEMPT category with some new employer?

User's Location: Quincy, Massachusetts, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)