I was on H1B visa with Emp A.I lost my job with Emp A on Aug 4.I found a new H1B emplyer(Emp B) and started working with them on Sept 5 on the basis of Receipt Notice.I lost this job with Emp B on Sept 26.Emp B said they will be withdrawing the H1B. So,From my end,I filed COS from H1B to H4 on sept 27. This COS got approved on Oct 30.And then,On Nov 14 the H1B transfer by Emp B was also approved(saw on uscis site).I talked to Emp B about this approval, since I am not currently working with them.On Nov 16,I saw status update on USCIS site that H1b transfer to Emp B as denied. I want to be on H4 status. Considering,my H4 COS was approved and h1b transfer was "approved and later denied(bcos Emp B withdrawed)", I am currently on h4 status right? Do i need to take any steps now reg this?

User's Location: Sunnyvale, California, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)