Hello, I am currently working with the employer on H1B visa and my EAD/AP was approved last month and 485 is pending (date is current). I want to continue working on H1B since it has validity till next year (Jan 2013). My employer is asking me to convert to EAD and he said they won't be cancelling the H1B so in case if there is any issue with 485 then they can switch me back to H1B. My question is does H1B get void if I transfer to EAD. What if I travel outside and enter on AP, does H1B still remains active? Also if I transfer to EAD what status will I be maintaining? I got employer letter (to submit to USCIS for my parent's visitor visa) which says that I am on H1B visa. If I transfer on EAD should that say H1B or EAD? Thank you

User's Location: Hartford, Connecticut, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)