I am on H1B and have just about initiated a H1B transfer process with a new company. Problem is that the new company has an immediate start date of next week and I haven't notified my existing employer that I shall be leaving the company soon. In fact I plan to wait till the H1B transfer is approved in the next 15 days (premium processing). But what it will mean is that I shall be on payrolls of two companies at the same time ie next 30 days while am on bench with my existingemployer. Can I do that? I have a clean visa record so far and don't intend to ruin it. My intention is not to avoid the loss of pay but both these companies are reputed and I simply wish to safeguard my existing job until my new job is approved, guaranteed. And can this affect my GREEN CARD during any stage eg I-485?

User's Location: Portland, Oregon, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)