-was on F1/OPT from JUL'05 to SEP'07(F1deleted) -on h1b from OCT'07 to now(h1 stamp expires on SEP 1, 2010) -want to go back to school from aug/sep 2010 on F1 visa Q's: 1.My h1b visa expires on sep 1 2010 and an extension will not be filed as I will be in school. Employer may cancel/revoke my h1 visa once I resign. Will I be able to use my 3 year remaining h1b visa after I graduate without being subjected to cap/lottery? Can my new employer file a new h1b premium processing application whenever he wants and get my COS to h1b? 2.If my h1-f1 COS gets rejected, will i lose my h1b status? can i apply h1-f1 COS 3 months before school starts and ask them to grant me COS just 1 month before school starts? can i premium process h1-f1 COS?? 3.Is it risky to leave US till I COS to h1 from f1?

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Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)