Dear Sir/Madam, I have filed my mother's family based green card i485 in Nov 2022 and the status is still pending. She needs to travel to India. We applied for Advance Parole in November end and we received receipt last week. We are planning to apply for Emergency/Humanitarian based expedite process using medical illness for relative as reason. 1) In case that her emergency travel petition does not get approved, could she travel to India? What would happen to the current pending green card application? I am reading that Greencard application will be abandoned. How difficult is it to resume Greencard processing? Do we need to start all over? 2)If the green card application becomes abandoned, can she come to USA later using visitor visa that is valid for another 8 years? 3) How many days can she travel on expedited application for AP?

User's Location: Atlanta, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Family-based Green Card