Hi, I am citizen of US and applying green Card for my Parents. In case of my father(Born in 1960): I am unable to get unavailability certificate from the municipal corporation because they have a record with date other than all his documents he has been using since school and their record does not have his name on the birth certificate. I do have documents where his date of birth is consistent which he has been using such as: school leaving certificate, Voter ID, passport etc. Also, 2 affidavits from two of my parents uncles who are more than 15 years older than him, I would like to know how to proceed in this situation . Do I really need non availability certificate? or should I be upfront with them about the situation or just provide then with supporting documents instead? Is it possible for you to provide or refer me to a sample template on writing to USCIS about this?

User's Location: New York, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Family-based Green Card