Below are the details for my mothers Greencard application. It has been about one year since filing for GC in family-based category. November 16, 2022: USCIS received your Form I-485 application Dec 17, 2022: Biometrics scheduled Jan 3, 2023: Biometrics completed and USCIS said nothing outstanding June 3, 2023: USCIS sent a request for initial evidence for medical form August 17, 2023: Response To USCIS' Request For Evidence Was Received We have not filed for Advance Parole. However, mother needs to travel to India for a wedding in family before February 2024. Can we expect to get her greencard before February? If not, should we file for Advance Parole right now? Can we expect Advance Parole to get approved before February?

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Category: Family-based Green Card