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I am filing my I-751 with my wife who is an American citizen. We are travel nurses and retain a home I own in Phoenix AZ as our primary residence and where we file our taxes. However we have stayed in other places for work (Nashville TN, Cottonwood AZ, Boston MA) since I received my 2 year greencard and then started travel nursing. On I-751 Pg 2 Part 1 Item 22 it asks if I have resided at other addresses. I did not update USCIS about these other addresses since they were temporary. My question is if I should list the other addresses in Part 11 of I-751, and also if I should inform USCIS about these other addresses I lived at before I file the form because I do not want to receive a penalty for not doing so.

User's Location: Phoenix, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Family-based Green Card