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Regarding I-130 petition Green Card for Father (beneficiary) of US Citizen. Birth Certificate - 1) Father has no birth Certificate (born in 1940s). 2) A record from school stating the date of birth is available. 3) A self affidavit and an affidavit from Older sister can be obtained on an Indian Government Stamp paper. 4) We do not have other relatives older than petitioner living close by. 5) Other documents with Father’s Date of Birth - Indian Passport, Indian Aadhar Card (National ID) etc are available. Marriage Certificate - 1) Mother passed away and there’s no Marriage Certificate (Both were married in 1970s). 2) Wedding Photos are available but no wedding invitation. 3) Father’s Indian passport has spouse name. 4) Affidavit from Father’s older sister and younger brothers, Mother’s brothers and sister (all of them present during wedding) can be obtained. Questions - 1) What documents are accepted to prove Birth and Marriage details when applying for online I-130 petition for my father. 2. Can we apply for I-130 when dad is not in US (right now), choose I485 option and later file for I-485 when dad is physically present in US even if I-130 is not approved at that time?

User's Location: Boston, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Family-based Green Card