My mother has B2 visa and she has been travelling to USA from India since 2014. Every trip she returned back to India before her I-94 period was over. Last year during COVID-19 in 2020, we had filed her extension twice, before final decision was made , she returned back to India, we had withdrawn her application. After staying almost 14 month she came to USA to visit us. Her latest I-94 will be expired on 12th Nov 2022. My questions are: My mother is in Houston and staying with us. So I would like to file her GC while she is in USA instead of going back to India and go though consular processing. 1)-I have filed I-130 online and about to file I-485 in conjunction with EAD/AP (Paper filing) * Do you see any problem online and paper filing for concurrent. 2)- After filing her I-485, Can she go back to India or she has to stay here till decision is made. * How long it can take to get the decision? 3)- Do I need to file her B2 visa extension by filing I-539? *If not required as I'll be submitting I-485 application along with all necessary documents *If yes, Can I file for 6 month extension or I can request for a year? Please advice me.

User's Location: Houston, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Family-based Green Card