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I am a U.S. Citizen & my fiancée is foreign national studying in a Canadian Universities. Her parents is U.S. permanent resident since 2017. She visited her parents before 2020 in B1/B2 visa with multiple entries. Now she again has B1/B2 visa with multiple entries to visit her parents after covid restriction. This time when she will be visiting her parents in the US on her B1/B2 visa, we decided to get married & after marrying her, I like to apply for her Green Card. Followings are my question, 1.After getting married, while she is physically in the U.S, I like to file Green card (I-130 petition + i 485) for her. Can I file for her? 2.What would be her status to stay in the U.S during the whole time (I-130 processing + I-485 Processing) until she receives her green card? Will she be stay with me legally during this time while she is on B1/B2 status? As my fiancée is on her B1/B2 visa, will she be able to apply for adjustment of status concurrently with I-130 petition? 3.Will she be able to visit her study place, I mean Canada while her I-130 petition or I -485 is pending, or she must wait until get approved at least I-130 and later she can visit while her I-485 pending? Thank you

User's Location: GAINESVILLE, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Family-based Green Card