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I am a U.S. citizen and filed a green card for my parents (priority date 23-OCT-2020). I received a notification on 1-Apr-2021 that NVC received their approved immigrant visa petition from USCIS. It asks to pay fees and schedule the interview. Both my parents are in India presently. (1) We want to delay taking the next steps and not proceed immediately for the next steps in the Green card process(paying fees/scheduling interview). (2) Both my parents have a 10 year US visa. 1. Can my parents visit the US in June 2021 with their existing US visitor visa and go back to India in 3 months. What if they are inquired about green card status at the airport. 2. If we resume the green card process (pay fees/interview) in about a year from now (from India), would it cause any issue because of the delay we cause. How much can we wait without jeopardizing the process.

User's Location: Ashburn, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Family-based Green Card