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My wife, The beneficiary is on a F1 Visa with a university and utilizing CPT to work as an IT Consultant since 2018 May. We got married (Iam a USC) last year in June 2020 and have applied for her Family based GC in Aug 2020. At this time her EAD card has been approved recently. Her current semester will be complete April 2021 & she intends to finish this semester. However starting may 2021, she plans to take a break (semester break) from the course work & would like to start using her EAD Card to continue her employment till the GC is fully approved. Q1. Is it ok to do so (Putting a hold to her F1 Visa till the GC is fully approved, and to use EAD for employment meanwhile). Any future challenges down the lane with this approach? Q2. If we put her F1 visa on hold, what would my wife’s status be till the green card is fully approved.

User's Location: DALLAS, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Family-based Green Card